The Three Best Careers With a Sports and Exercise Science Degree

           future is bright for students studying for a sports and exercise science degree. It can open a way for some incredible careers. With the nation increasingly encouraged to eat healthier and lose weight, sport and exercise scientists are in high demand for research into what exercise is the most effective for ultimate health. That means there are plenty of jobs ranging from writing articles to being an independent consultant, all seem very profitable. Here are three careers that you could go with if you have a degree in sports and exercise science. 1. Teaching Once you have your degree, you will be able to apply for a two-year teaching apprenticeship. Initially, you will probably be given a temporary teaching position in schools, clinics, hospitals and even gyms. After your temporary employment during your two-year apprenticeship and after passing the course, you will qualify for permanent positions. The salary for a permanent teaching career can be from $20,000 to $40,000 per year. But most teaching careers tend to be based on contracts and your employer may choose not to renew your contract without any reason given. 2. Physiologist With your experience in sports and exercise, you could become a fitness physiologist and work with athletes to offer specialized training programs. As a sports physiologist, your job will be designing a complete athletic training program for the purposes of the athlete. You will have to closely monitor the effects on their physiology and performance. You can also work as a physiologist at the hospital to help rehabilitate disabled patients by giving them specific exercises. The salary of a permanent physiologist may be $25,000 to $35,000 per year. However, there is the opportunity to go independent and you will get to name your own hourly rate, which could earn you more money. 3. Freelance Going freelance can help you to maximize your earning potential. You will have the freedom to revel in various jobs. One week could be working on research for a health organization and the next week you might have to provide an athlete with professional advice on their training. It can be great going freelance and every job helps you build an impressive resume. You will also find that there is always more work to do and you'll never be out of the pocket. Freelance Salary can be very unpredictable, but if you know how to market yourself you could earn more than $ 60,000 a year, because you are not limited to a single job. The only thing you need to go freelance is a sport and exercise science degree and the ability to sell yourself.